Tuesday, October 10

Product Spotlight: Folio Collection

Of the collections we offer, the Folio Collection is by far my favorite. It's definitely the most versatile and timeless. 

So what is this Folio Collection, you ask?

In a nutshell, it's a really pretty box that houses extra sturdy double-sided (or single-sided if you prefer) images from your session. It comes with an easel so that you can display one at a time (and swap them out as you see fit). It's definitely a nice alternative to the an album or photo book. The best part is that they come from a professional lab so you don't risk color or quality issues you would if you'd order prints on your own and a consumer lab. 

This particular collection also comes with a really pretty leather flash drive containing 20 full resolution images from your session. 

E-mail us for more details. 

Folio Collection Overview
The Folio Collection is the artist's choice in photographic print presentation and storage. The Folio Collection consists of luxurious Folio Prints inside a handmade Folio Image Box. Folio Prints are so thick they're unbendable with 6-color press printing for superior color and tonal transitions. The Folio Image Box includes premium cover materials in Fabric, Faux Leather, Sparkle or your own wraparound Photo Cover.
Folio Prints are available in 5x7" and are made with triple-thick 48pt LOFT Paper. Folio prints can be displayed on the included Acrylic Easel made of clear, durable 1/8" thick acrylic with an easy slide-and-lock assembly. The easel packs flat for convenient storage. When assembled, dimensions are 5.5" high, 4.5" wide, 6" deep. 8x10” and 11x14” prints are available at an additional cost.

Print on one side only or two sides to add a back image, pattern or logo. Six color inks ensure crisper images and smoother skin tones.

Our package includes up to 20 one-sided images and come in a 1.25” box. Additional prints and deeper boxes can be requested for an additional fee. 1.5" fits 25 prints, 2.5" fits 45 prints and 3.5" fits 65 prints.

Choose from 4 cover materials: Fabric, Faux Leather, Sparkle or Photo.
Choose between White or Black Lining. A matching pull ribbon allows you to easily lift out your prints.

Tuesday, October 3

[ Adaline ] - O'Fallon Newborn Photographer

This sweet baby girl though! 

I could stare at her all day

My absolute favorite from the session. I LOVE the shots of babies with their mom. A good mom and dad shot is always sweet, but there's something about a baby with its momma. 

Monday, September 25

[ Brinley ] - Highland Family Photography

Last week we took a few snaps of Caleb to commemorate his first birthday. B didn't want to be left out. She ran upstairs, got her hair quickly combed, got dressed, and demanded to have a few shots of her own.

This girl's a piece of work.

That smirk...