Thursday, March 27


On Monday, I found out I'm officially an MBA candidate! I start this summer. This was tainted by the blow we had last night.

My Mom has had some problems for about a year, and has been through the ringer with procedures and tests. After her most recent, she was told that she has endometrial cancer. They think it's stage 1, but she had a CT scan done this afternoon to find out for sure. Please keep her in your prayers. This is pretty unreal.

Also keep Bec's little guy in your prayers. He's been through the ringer today with tests! Let's hope he gets diagnosed very soon so whatever he has gets treated. He's too little to have to go through all this. Again, pretty unreal.

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  1. congratulations on your mba status. i knew you could do it, you smarty pants ;-)

    i am so sorry to hear about your mom. i pray that she is treated quickly and without complications - also for discernnment for the dr.'s.

    thanks for asking for prayers on ethan's behalf. god has been so good to us with many blessings today - even though we still don't know the test results. it was a really good day of tests.