Monday, May 19

The Car Wash (or Child Labor)

Sunday J decided he needed to wash his car (again?).

I slept in and awoke to two poorly dressed young ladies who had been put to work washing cars. Cutest thing ever, really.

Paige hooked Bosco up so he could help (or so he wouldn't run away).

Good looking dog, eh?

Is it normal for a child to be such a pro at such a tender age?

Paige showed Cadence how it's done.

Cadence got the hang of it quickly!

Cadence then decided that it's hysterical to squirt on-lookers as she was holding the hose.

Bosco decided to give Cadence a hand.

Paige put the finishing touches on the lights.

Then dries the rest of the car ( we wouldn't want any spots now, would we?)

Cadence has the art of drying down in no time.

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  1. that is the cutest ever! what a great story told with pictures!