Saturday, May 24

Other Zoo shots

We started off looking at the elephants. Only one was out - the girls weren't too impressed.

Then we made our way to the penguins. Paige (and another little girl) tried to pet them. (insert mild panic attack here).
We stopped in the insectarium to check out the butterflies.
We saw some flamingos.
Then Paige got to feed this guy.
Then we checked out some ducks and a goose.
Paige wanted me to get a picture of the waterfall.
I gave her a quick lesson on shutter speed.


  1. I Got your message. What a LUNATIC!

  2. These photos are ... I'm going to go ahead and say it - breathtaking! You are amazing! For me, this is just a hobby but you take it to another level. I wish you could go into business for yourself. You have so much talent behind the lens. And now Paige gets to learn a very valuable lesson that most adults don't even know - camera settings make all the difference.