Thursday, May 29

Prod: week 1

PART 1: Krista
It’s been seven years since I’ve stepped foot in a classroom. And I’ve never sat in a classroom for four and a half hours – ever. It wasn’t as brutal as I thought it would be.

We picked the girls up from school, rushed home, grabbed a sandwich, kissed the girls, and continued on my way. I had exactly 55 minutes to be seated in class. It’s a 40 minute drive (for me) to get to my Mom’s house (I needed her parking pass), then another 7 minutes (for me) to get to campus, then another 5 to walk to the building the class was in, and another few minutes to find the classroom. I didn’t think I’d make it. After years of observing J’s driving, I picked up a few tricks. Since the kids weren’t in the car, there was no reason I couldn’t drive 85 all the way to my Mom’s. I made the 40 minutes drive in twenty five minutes. It was scary as hell & I’m never doing it again. At least not for another few days when Accounting starts. I made it to class with ten minutes to spare.

When I arrived, the professor was sitting quietly at the front of the room. Normally I get a pretty firm grasp of what someone is like just by watching them, but this guy was tough. I wonder if he likes his job. Later I learned that this isn’t his career (he’s a consultant), but he lectures quiet often.

My second thought was that, in four years at the school of business, I had never been in this particular classroom. I look up and notice a drop-ceiling with industrial sized tiles – two of which were missing. There’s a long thick piece of twine dangling from the ceiling to the floor. Something about it bothered me – still does.

Class started and we learned some things about Professor T. A lot actually. Ironically, what sticks out most, is that he likes Volkswagen, spends most of his day in a room with no windows, and he seems to really like his job.

As intimidated as I thought I’d be, it really wasn’t that bad. Most of my undergrad classes had between 50 and 125 students. One class had 225. This class has 24. Not too long after the class started, I realized that I’m no spring chicken. Strike that – I’m flat out old. I think ONE person in the class MIGHT be older than me.

This highlight of the class was when Prof T went through his Leadership presentation with us. It was his practice round for a dinner speech he has upcoming next month. The presentation was good – but what raised my brow was when he asked for feedback. We had all just met him maybe an hour prior, and our fate in this class lies in his hands. Think anyone was willing to comment on it? No. A few bold souls made a remark or two (myself included) and now I am sure to fail (kidding, I hope).

PART 2: Jason & the girls
Jason survived the evening alone with the girls. It was P’s last week of gymnastics, so she had the routing down pat – go home, get dressed, go to class, come home, eat dinner (which Dad usually prepares while I’m with P at class), do homework (which usually I help her with), take a bath, go to bed. Things didn’t go as smoothly as normal. I honestly don’t know how single parents do it! Jason gave the girls a snack, cleaned them up, and packed them up in the car for class. At class, P’s friend points out that her leo was on backwards. She was embarrassed. P does this every week, but I usually catch it before leaving the house. I forgot to warn J. Cadence spent the evening being chased around by J outside the studio. P left class and wanted to get a drink, but wouldn’t because some of the big kids were at the fountain. Apparently it was a LOT of fun getting her to go back to class. Oh, I forgot to mention that it was a new teacher this week – and P wasn’t comfortable with her yet.

On the way home, J decides that in order to get the girls to bed at a reasonable hour, he’d better get take out instead of spending another hour cooking. Smart man. They get home, eat, make a mess, take a bath, and then argue with J about going to bed. J eventually wins the argument & the girls go to bed. He even made time to reorganize the cabinets in the bathroom. I was very impressed.

Then he announces that he & Jake are going to build a WoW website. Now I am unconditionally convinced that he’s a loser. Before I was only concerned about it. What’s next? LAN parties?


  1. Love your stories! I feel like I'm not missing a thing living so far away from you. You a great writer. Another venture you should pursue along with photography. How lucky I am to have such a fine, gifted friend!

    WoW= Women of the Word in my parts! When I first read that, I chuckled and then googled WoW to learn that it means World of Warcraft. Dork. I mean that in an affectionate way. ;-)