Tuesday, June 3

ACCT: Week 1

PART 1: Krista
I made it to class with plenty of extra time. Looking around, I notice that there are several other people in their cars eating dinner. This is my life now. Dinner on the run, two days a week.

I should point out that the university has always felt like a second home. My Mom has worked there for quite some time. I’ve always known her coworkers, and they were always nice to me. I worked on campus during my undergraduate career. Thirty hours a week in the summer, twenty during the fall & spring. Most of my Business classes were help in one of three rooms. Tonight I was reintroduced to one of these rooms. It was very comfortable and I was no where NEAR as nervous as I was last Thursday for PROD.

I did notice that the doors leading into the building are semi-mirrored and make my legs look really long and lean. I love those doors!

The guy in the first row kept talking. He went on and on and on. But he was funny. He looked really familiar. He was telling another guy about his trip overseas this summer, and how disappointed he is in Rome (amongst other places). One thing in particular he didn’t like was the some of the older buildings were torn down and made into churches…at one point he said “…The Pope said ‘tear that shit down.’” Nice. Then he compared Australia to an Austin Powers movie.

I immediately decided that my professor is cool as hell. Interestingly enough, he has a mustache and glasses too (remember? My Prod prof does too). His mustache is really fluffy. And he fidgets with his glasses when he’s not wearing them. He used to be a Marine and looks like a baseball coach.

There are eleven people in my class – and I’m not the oldest one this time! Some of the students are in PROD with me, and apparently I went to high school with one of them (see Mr. Talkative mentioned above).

Prof N is very animated, and I like that. He lives in the same town I do, and talks the native talk. And he has an awesome sense or humor – he’s funny without trying. And, he readily admits that accounting can be a bit dry. And I think he makes up words. Is analygize a word?

So, what don’t I like about the class? There will be a multiple choice quiz every class period. I think I bombed it last night.

PART 2: Jason
The boss says the girls were good! J prepared a gormet dinner for them(spaghetti-O’s), then let them play in the bathtub while he made his own gormet meal. Paige asked what he was having. He said Spaghetti-O’s. She stated, matter-of-factly, “I knew you’d have that.” Ok kiddo.

They did manage to somehow manipulate him into letting them sleep in our bed. I think he was picking his battles – he’s been exhausted lately.

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  1. there's something very academic about facial hair and glasses. maybe i should stop waxing...