Monday, June 9

ACCT: Week 2

Part 1: Krista

I made a point of walking through the “thin door,” and thinking “gosh, Krista, you look very tall and lean today.” Seriously, the door is on the way – I’d literally have to go way out of my way not to use said door. The slight distortion is simply an added bonus.

I got my quiz back – did horrible.

I suspect I did equally as horrible on tonight’s quiz.

Prof N said his wife (also an accountant) thinks his tests are too hard.

I am doomed.

I hate accounting.

I know where my strengths are, and they are not in Managerial Accounting.

Two weeks down, eight to go.

Part 2: Jason

The girls wanted cereal for dinner so Dad complied.

His eye is still draining, but he can see. I had Paige keep an eye on him.

Evidently J thought it would be a good idea to let Spencer inside for a while.

Who’s Spencer, you might ask? I’ll post a picture tomorrow. And no, for those of you who know Spence – he’s not still inside.

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