Monday, June 16

ACCT: week 3

Part 1: Krista

Picture the teacher coming into the classroom 20 years ago...
"Hello class," says the teacher.
"Hello Mr. N," says the class.
Today it goes more like this:
Prof T: "Hello class."
Class: "What's up?"
Sad or funny? You decide.

You know it's a bad sign when the lecture begins like this:
"In this chapter, you will find, or will have found and your eyes will just...SNAP shut." says the teacher. "You'll find yourself, or will have found yourself saying 'Gee, this doesn't make any sense."


Midway through the class, I think "Hallelujah, I get it!" I immediately think of Rhiannon. My encounters with her have been few and far between, but upon each visit, at one time of another she has been sure to say 'hallelujah,' and it's funny as hell. Completely cracks me up.

I also noticed that Prof N like to play with his mustache a lot.Of course, if I grew a mustache like that I'd probably play with it too.

We got our second quizzes back tonight. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't great.

I think I did ok tonight though. I think they're all right! Of course, maybe I completely misunderstood the chapter and got them all wrong in my backward thinking. Time will tell.

Like tonight's mood music? It's a bit odd and out of character. It IS accounting related. Don't be tempted to think it has anything to do with that one person, and our need to keep said person as far away from my children as possible until that one person's mental stability returns. No, indeed it has nothing to do with that. Tonight Prof T mentioned this song in regard to debits and credits. I thought it was cute. (note: the song changes from time to time. The song in question is Offspring's Come Out and Play).

Part 2: Jason
After the big Father's Day extravaganza Sunday we were too pooped to go to the store. (I forgot my camera - sorry, no pics). As a result, J ventured to the store with the ladies tonight to pick up lunches for the week. Today's theme at the school is Dinosaurs, so J picked up a show-and-tell item for each of them. Alas, it is a few days prior to show-and-tell, but it never hurts to be prepared. J used some of his Father's Day money to pick out new dolls for the girls. It's always a treat hearing about the girls and their adventures through the doll aisles. {poor Jason, he's such a trooper}

Much to Dad's surprise P was still awake when i got home, so she got to show me her new doll and give me hugs goodnight. They were the best hugs ever. I didn't want to wake the turd or I'd give her hugs too. They can wait until the morning.

Looks like dinner was Spaghetti O's. Know how I know? They were still on the stove when I got home. {insert huge frown here} It's picked up now though. Speaking of dinner, it's high time I had some.

For those of you that know about Wednesday, keep your fingers crossed!

Three weeks down, seven to go.

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  1. this post reads like a riddle. still, your writing impresses me and i can't wait to hear about that grade!