Monday, June 23

ACCT: Week 4

Part 1: KP

Same old thing. Had two quizzes tonight instead of one. I think I bombed both of them despite knowing the material fairly well. Made a note to do better next time. Next week is the midterm. We left work an hour early because Paige is sick (5ths disease). I had time to eat dinner at home :) and made it on campus early enough to meet my Mom with no delays. She brought me some popcorn (love that woman), handed over her pass, and was on her merry way.

Four weeks down, six to go.

Part 2: JP

J gets a gold star tonight. Paige's Hello Kitty locket broke at bedtime. Apparently there were beads everywhere. They lost quite a few of them and P was pretty upset. So what's a Dad to do? J snuck into my bead stash & reconstructed her necklace! Check it out. As opposed to the boring solid pink beads, there's a touch of glam.

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  1. aww.... what a sensitive dad. so gold stars to your mom and j? at this rate, you will go bankrupt of gold stars! great pic of the locket.