Monday, June 30

ACCT: Week 5

Part One: Krista
Another midterm out of the way! I got both quizzes back from last week. Not good, not bad. The test was about an hour long. Forty questions, multiple choice. I did better than I thought I'd do, but am sure I didn't get the "A" I'll probably need. We shall see.

Mom's working shorter days today so I got to take my time heading to her house to get the pass. I made it to class a bit early, reviewed my notes, then tried to clear my head a bit. Either I know this stuff or I don't. The first non-school related thought that popped into my head was of Paige. When exactly, did my life become a musical? P's been singing a LOT lately. About anything and everything. She composes songs as she goes along. It's really cute. Anyway, I was excited about the test. Passing along my pocket full of sunshine to you blog stalkers.

Five weeks down, five to go.

Part Two: Jason
I didn't miss much - just dinner, bath time, and a snack. I got to hang out with them for a bit before putting them to bed. It was great.

Oh, the Shriners are in town for a convention. I'm going to try to make some time to get pictures of them tomorrow (if they're still there).

And... Monica closed today on her new place! Congrats.

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