Sunday, June 29

Austin's ball game

Paige & I went to Austin's game last night.
He played third base for a while.

He has a loose tooth, so a lot of his time was spend trying to wiggle it looser.

He had some pretty good hits!
Here he is running home.

After finishing the drink she sweet-talked Grandpa into, she mooched water from Aunt Monica.
Aunt Monica didn't mind, she was all smiles.
Despite the fatigue, Grandma still made it to the game.
Grandpa A spent most of the game talking to Bopper.

Paige eventually had enough...

so we headed to the playground.

After the game we headed home to meet up with Dad and Cadence. He got to hang with Cadence for a few hours alone - and loved every minute of it, I'm told. Paige can be quite a handful at times so a lot of C's personality is often overlooked. She really is quite a gem.
We all watched The Spiderwick Chronicles, and the girls couldn't take their eyes off of it. We put them to bed & watched Fool's Gold. Monica called to tip me off that The Tenth Circle was, coincidentally enough, on TV that evening so I recorded it. I watched that then hit the hay.

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