Saturday, June 21

“I tough”

Earlier this week Paige gave Cadence her first black eye. She was carrying a game and tripped. The corner of the box caught Cado’s eye. It’s still a deep purple color, both above and below her eye. I’ve contemplated adding eye shadow to her left eye to balance things out ;)

The next day she tripped outside and skinned her knees.

The day after that she was climbing over the back of the couch (don’t ask, bad parenting on my part is partially to blame) and hit the back of her head on the wall, and the front of her head on the back of the couch. Blood was coming form her nose and mouth. The piece of gummy material between your front teeth that attaches your top lip to your gum tore apart from the gum. It was horrible. She didn’t need stitches though, and as long as it doesn’t get infected all should go well. So now she has a purple “mustache” to match her purple eye.

Last night she almost smashed her fingers in the door. It’s been a really tough week. I haven’t been around much & it kills me that I can’t give her all of the hugs I think she needs. Lucky for me her Dad’s such a great guy.

We’ve been asking her how her eye feels, or how her mouth is doing and her response is “I tough.” I’ve been very impressed with her vocabulary lately.

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  1. poor child! between being accident prone and being a younger sibling, i think you have a future american gladiator on your hands!