Tuesday, June 3


My Mom met with her oncologist today for a consult, some tests, and measuring. The cancer was deeper in the lining, and more spread out than her doctor alluded to, but it is still being classified as stage 1. Instead of six to eight rounds of radiation, it will likely be from twenty-five to thirty. He will be going over the findings from yesterday & putting together a plan of attack. We should know more in a few days.

When Monica started Sunday School, a sweet little girl named Daven befriended her. They went to school together for a few more years, then lost touch. Daven has two little boys – the oldest is age six. He passed away over the weekend. He was just about to finish Kindergarten. It’s horrible. Literally unbelievable. Things like this remind you how special your kids are – and even if they whine, or cause problems, life just wouldn’t make sense without them. Please keep Daven & her family in your prayers.

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  1. ...and your mom in my prayers. 25-30 is a big difference from 6-8. rhiannon had a hard time with radiation/chemo - i will pray that your mom does well on it and deals only with the hassle of appts and treatments and none of the nasty side effects.