Monday, June 2

The Power Outage

We made it through out first power outage as a family. I don’t remember the power ever going off for more than 2 minutes since I’ve known J. I don’t think either of the girls realized such a thing could happen.

There were some thunderstorms Saturday night so the dogs were scared out of their wits. Both were cuddle up next to me on the couch, clinging for dear life. The girls were starting to doze, but I think the thunder kept them awake. . I was on the phone with Monica, and in the middle of a Mario Kart circuit.

All of a sudden the power flickered. Then it went off. Then it didn’t come back on. It was pitch black.

The girls started screaming and crying. I hopped up, tripped over Bosco, stubbed my toe in the kitchen (either on Jason’s foot or a chair), then flipped over the baby gate I didn’t know was yet in place. Jason was off to find some candles and matches, while I explained how electricity was, how storms can impact it, and there’s really nothing to worry about. P was upset that we couldn’t watch a movie until the power came back on.

Cadence was hiding behind her hand with her eyes shut. I’ve never seen her scared! She kept saying “I scared.” Even after the candles were lit she wouldn’t let me get more than 2 inches away from her. We spent 45 minutes in the girls’ room together chatting about things. The girls started to fall asleep and the power came back on. I think Paige is scared that it will happen again. I told her that someday it probably will.

The kids got to play in the bubble pool Saturday, and ran through the sprinklers at Grandma A’s yesterday. I think I have some cute shots. I had some PC problems so I’m in the process of moving files and software to a new PC, and Accounting starts tonight so it might be another few days until I get those up.

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  1. aha! (the light bulb went off) so your pc problems are related to the storm? i recommend mac.