Friday, June 6

PROD: Week 2

Part 1: Krista

After Paige's appointment I went to hang out at my Mom's (shorter drive to class, mooch dinner, etc). My poor Mom - she couldn't get rid of me if she tried. I played Mario Kart with Austin. I lost. Monica lent me a copy of Austin's graduation DVD (Remember 'The Little Red Hen").

There were two new students in class - both of which are older than I am, thank you very much.

We went over three chapters which was a lot to digest. Toward the end we broke into groups to talk about consulting and different tools the company in our case study used, and talked about other tools they could have used to implemented their plan better. What was interesting about it is that one of the students in the other group actually works at one of the daughter companies mentioned in the case - so we got some inside info - which helped put things into perspective.

On the way home I made an emergency stop for pull-ups, then headed home.

Part 2: Jason
J braved a trip to the store with both girls without me - which he claims is always a treat. At the top of the list was Pull-Ups. Earlier that day we had broken into the diaper bag stash, so we needed them. In all the chaos, he forgot the pull-ups (oops). We had one left at home, which was for bedtime.

For the most part he said the girls were good. At bedtime P snuck out of bed & was playing with her dry-erase board, so she got in trouble.

He even remembered to find something summer-related for Paige to bring for show & tell. He couldn't find anything for Cadence (most of their toys are packed) - so I rounded-up a pair of sunglasses for her to bring for show & tell. Lucky for us two-year-olds don't need to bring anything sophisticated to show & tell.

Two weeks down, eight to go.

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  1. what's up with show and tell these days? when i was a child, i remember bringing things like jelly beans. your prod class sounds very interesting. your mom is so lucky to have a daughter who wants to spend so much time with her. sounds like you need to practice mario kart! already P is playing with dry erase boards! i see a corporate management career in her future...