Friday, June 13

PROD: week 3

Part 1: Krista

I cut it close getting to class on time. I made it to my Mom’s with plenty of time to spare (got gas in the car, had time to change clothes). There was construction in the parking lot on campus causing minor chaos so Mom got home a bit later than expected (maybe two minutes later, but I needed those two minutes – lol). More of the parking lot was roped-off, so I parked further away from the building. It worked out well, I need the exercise considering I sit idle in class for four and a half hours.

I realized on the way to class that I miss my kids. I haven’t had much time with them between class & studying.

I learned something that I forgot to mention last week on the way to class. I was in J’s Volvo (yes, Dad, Jason finally did let me drive it) and noticed that the “passenger side airbag OFF” indicator was on. It hadn’t been on before and it worried me. Turns out that since I had my (rather heavy) bag on the passenger seat, the car thought it was a child and automatically turned the seat off. How smart is that? I had no idea the car could do such fancy things. After I took the bag off the seat the light went off. Pretty cool.

We talked about lean manufacturing, JIT, manufacturing process selection and design, facility layout, and service process selection and design. A tone point, Prof T talked about dangers in the workplace, and why sometimes it’s better to use robotics (for example painting and x-rays). He had to wonder how safe x-rays are if the tech leaves the room, and the patient is left with simply a vest to protect them. Not sure why, but I immediately thought of Cadence’s first stint with pneumonia. She was so tiny, and the protective blanket was so big on her. Then we had to put her into this capsule contraption. I agree that it’s probably better then trying to hold her down on the x-ray machine (like J had to do with P when she was a baby). It was unnerving none-the-less.

Toward the end of class we broke into group again to work on a case study. We prepared our case and used transparencies again. The markers Prof T had weren’t specifically designed for transparencies and started evaporating pretty quickly after I wrote on the sheets. Megan & Ashley presented. M’s sweet as can be, and I felt SO bad for her during the presentation. The text had all but disappeared and she couldn’t read it. I decided to bring my own transparency markers to class. Yes, I am a loser, but I felt so bad.

Paige called me at 9:30 and left me a voicemail. It was cute.

I called J after class and Paige answered. It was 10:15. Her bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:30. Our conversation is as follows. Keep in mind I was in the car and distracted by the families of deer roaming around campus, paying no mind to the nervous drivers surrounding them.

P: I miss you.
M: I miss you too
P: Mommy?
M: Yes?
P: (something I couldn’t understand).
M: What was that?
P: (again, hard to understand).
M: separate your words.
P: (really fast) Mommy, I need to talk to you about Spencer.
M: Ok.
P: OK – thanks Mommy! Love you bye-bye.
M: What?! Let me talk to your Dad.

Apparently she’s under the impression that we can KEEP Spencer inside the house. How did I get manipulated into this? I made a note to talk to Paige about it the next morning.

I dropped Mom’s parking pass off at her house & was rewarded with some freshly popped popcorn. Mom’s so cool sometimes.

Part 2: Jason

Jason skipped his FIC meeting (shame on him!) and took the girls to the insurance reps office to get things squared away with the new car. Paige came home with all types of goodies, including a new magnetic calendar and a bumper sticker for her pimped-out jeep.

They headed to the store to pick up Cadence’s refill (which J forgot, lol) and some other things. They girls picked out an ‘Under the Sea’ item for show and tell (Nemo & Dorie pool toys). P had sweet-talked J into getting a “glitter box” for Spencer. I have to wonder why a litter box is needed if the cat is #1 – not ours, and #2 – not residing inside our house.

On the way home, Cadence figured out how to use a reflective surface to make light appear on the ceiling of the car. The child amazes me every day.

J let them play with Nemo & Dorie in the bathtub. Cadence was so excited she squealed! Paige did too, but everything makes Paige squeal, she’s a very excited child. It takes more to get C worked up.

Paige was still awake when I got home (which secretly made me happy).

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  1. aww.... that was a sweet post. i love all the details of your classes and the details of your girls' lives. they are so sweet. so does spencer live with you now?