Friday, June 20

PROD: Week 4

Part 1: KP

The pictures taken at daycare a few weeks ago came in today. We didn’t get to look at them (time constraints with class). Ms. Emily did talk the photog into letting us have the pictures anyway – they’ll be in within the next six weeks. If they’re good I suppose he’ll let us order more. After accidentally insulting the photog by saying we didn’t have five minutes to wait to look at the pictures of the girls, we headed home.

I grabbed a sandwich and was on my way. I was a few minutes late for meeting my Mom (who graciously waited in the parking lot for me!). Keep in mind she’s working long hours Monday through Thursday AND going through radiation, battling mild fatigue and other misc. side effects – yet she waited. Two weeks of radiation down, four to go!

I turned in my paper and settled in for along night of lectures. We made it through six presentations and reviewed for the test next week. Apparently the test will take three to four hours. I’m not optimistic about it.

We didn’t have to present cases tonight (praise Jesus).

After listening to all those presentations, I realized that Prof T sounds a lot like the Dad from King of the Hill. I could very easily mistake the two.

Part 2: JP

I have no idea what J and the girls did last night. I got home, kissed the girls & crashed. I should point out though, that J was been pretty busy lately at work. He didn’t get to have lunch until about 2:30 yesterday. As a result, he offered to pick me up a shake while he was out. I got a nice mid-day snack! It was awesome.

Four weeks down, six to go.

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