Tuesday, June 3


Missy called and setup a lunch/play date for 12:30, at (gasp) McDonalds. Yes, Rebecca, I hit the devil’s lair and am hanging my head in shame. But the kids had a good time.

At one point, it was remarkably clear that Cadence needed a diaper change (Paige & Bri kept reminding us that she’s “stinky.” When will this child be officially done potty training? Cadence refused to come out of the climbing apparatus/slide. Finally Missy took the plunge and dove in after her. Robbie expressed his displeasure of either losing his shoe, or being left temporarily in my care. For the sake of argument, we’ll pretend it was about losing his shoe.

After hitting the Arches, we headed to Grandma A’s house.
Austin challenged me to a few rounds of Mario Kart (and beat me, of course).

When the tree was removed last month, the guy cut through the power line running to the pool. Instead of waiting a few weeks for the guy to come back out, JP & my Dad took it upon themselves to fix it.

While they were off at the Man Store, Austin & Paige ran through the sprinklers. Cadence looked at them like there was something wrong with them for deliberately running through water. She doesn’t get it yet.

Then Grandma A and the kids dangled their feet in the pool. Poor Cadence’s feet didn’t reach, so Grandma helped. Soon enough the water will be warm enough & we can actually get IN the pool. After the men fixed the wires, we had dinner from the Bread Co. and headed home.

(pictures are on the computer and ready to be processed. I should get to them tonight.)

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  1. no! not satan's lair! your kids are so much better about apple slices then my kids - my kids can't go near there without begging for fries like they haven't had a meal in days. love the "man store" how appropriate!