Sunday, June 8

The weekend

S-fest was scheduled to start Friday night but the festivities were postponed until Saturday morning. Evidently tornadoes, games, and drinking don't mix.

Saturday was brutal. I don't remember it being this humid here in a long time. We found sanctity at my parents' house - ah that pool has never looked so good.

Paige isn't as scared as she used to be in the water, but she wanted to be held (or hold onto Aunt M or I) most of the time.

Cado slept through most of the fun, but did get to hop in the pool for a few minutes. She was so mad when she had to get out. She got herself so worked up, on the ride home she (ahem) got sick (all over Dad's new car, ha ha). We though tit might be the stomach flu but she seems fine.

It had been two weeks since J mowed the lawn, so he braved the humidity and cut the back yard. He got hit in the eye with a rock or a twig and decided he needed a break. He tried so hard to be tough.

This morning it was hotter out, but the humidity was gone - it was an unbelievably nice day. J's eye is in pretty bad shape - I wanted to take him to the ER or ophthamologist. He can't open his eye all the way. I considered clubbing him over the head & dragging him to the ER, but I'm not that strong.

We headed to my Mom's again for a BBQ and another dip in the pool. This time Grandma got in too. C still refused to use any flotation devices (we've tried several types). She gets so mad. I don't think she likes constraint. We got out & C fell asleep on my lap while Grandpa took his turn in the pool (after a long day of mowing - he needed it). He didn't get to enjoy the quiet for long. Before he knew it P was back in the pool. Not really in the pool, just on the steps - but she talked to him the whole time. I think he was pretty relieved when it was time for lunch and she headed inside.

We stopped by the store and J picked out some eye gel to tide him over until tomorrow's visit. It has taken the pain away, but it still looks bad.

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  1. old stemmley family secret for clubbing men: use 8" cast iron skillet. once you muster up the strength to hoist it up. gravity does the work for you. i have one you can borrow, courtesy of my great gma.

    how did i get the privilege to inherit that? some woman in my family probably thought i needed it more than the other women! joke! i haven't had to use it in a long long time.

    seriously, i love your stories. i've said it before and i'll say it again, your stories and pictures help me feel that i'm right there and not a thousand miles away. hope j's eye gets to feeling better before his handicap effects his realm status.