Monday, July 21

ACCT - Week 8

Still hanging in there with a B - there's hope.

We went over the Case One results (got a B, praise Jesus). We what's expected for Case 2 (due next week), covered chapter 8 material in record time, went over some homework and took a quiz. I might have done ok.

J and the girls survived. Paige decided, after a few hours at the county fair, that she and her friend Alisa were going to be farmers.

Last week she announced that she was interested in singing lessons, and said she was going to be a musician. A few weeks before that she wanted to be a cheerleader.

Class got out early so J and I put the girls to bed and watched the lamest movie ever made. :)

Two weeks left!

1 comment:

  1. 1. What is the lamest movie ever made?

    2. I love how little kids know they can do anything they want when they grow up and change their minds regularly. G wants to be a pizza delivery man, a garbage man, a race car driver, a Dr., or a fireman.

    3. Sounds like you crammed a whole week's worth of classes in one class! You are most productive! Way to go!