Tuesday, July 8


Part 1: KP
I met Mom at the univ to get her pass (which is mine to keep now until the end of August!). She gave me some cookies too - so good!
Before class, yappy was talking about the dream he had the night before. He was back in some kind of military training and was commenting on how you never know if the aircrafts or the parachutes are safe ahead of time. He was giving advice to another guy..."As long as the plane doesn't sound like it's gonna fall apart, you're good to go." So I found myself wondering that if a plane doesn't sound like it's going to break, that it won't, and that it will also guarantee that the 'chute will open? Robert definitely has some interesting thoughts.
We got the midterm results. I got a B. Two questions on the test were the same (but worded differently). Being the moron that I am, I missed one but got the other right. I wasn't the only one who got one wrong though. Interestingly enough, those of us that missed that one chose the same (incorrect) answer so Prof N gave us the extra point. God bless that man.
We talked about the case we have due next week and the best advise he could give us is to use cogent thoughts. I can't say that I've used many of those lately ;) but I shall do my best.
I saw Dr. S in the hall again. Did I mention I saw him in the parking lot the other day & tried my derndest not to run over him with my car (kidding - of course)? Anyway, he was talking to some undergrads in the hallway during my break. I kept thinking "those poor kids!" I almost wished he was standing near the stairs and that he might accidentally slip and fall. Again, kidding. He's a great professor or he wouldn't be where he is today. He's just not a very nice guy when it comes to dealing with Freshman and Sophomores.
Six weeks down, four to go.
Part 2: JP
J took the girls to the store to get dinner.
Charter's service has been pretty substandard lately. The new service will be connected late this week. The old service was disconnected already (in error). They deleted the modem settings, so now the only computer we have internet access on is J's. He spent a long time on the phone trying to figure out what's up. While he was on the phone P wanted to wrestle (bless her heart), so J proved that he could multi-task with the best of 'em.
Sounds like they had a lot of fun.
They were still awake when I got home. I gave them hugs and tucked them back in. They hopped right back out of bed. I asked Cadence why she was still awake & she just giggled. Rotten, rotten girls. ;)

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  1. B? You got a B? No ice cream for you. Ice Cream is only for A's!