Friday, July 18


I gave Paige the option of going to school (it was Splash Day) or coming with CP and I to her appointment. She decided to forgo swimming to spend the day with us.

Typically the wait isn't bad. We registered and sat down to be called back. While we were waiting a helicopter landed (the physicians' offices are attached to the children's hospital). The girls thought it was cool (loud, even through the glass windows, but cool). I don't think they knew there was a critically ill child inside. It's always hard walking in there (seeing kids in wheel chairs, kids without hair) then it makes me feel grateful for having two healthy kids.

We were called back for the initial poking and prodding (weighed, measured, BP check, etc). Cadence cried. She didn't want to be on the scale alone, so they weighed us both, then just me (in kilos). Made me sound much lighter :) Then we were moved to a patient room. We waited there for over an hour. I was locked inside a small room with two small kids, one of which has ADHD. I DID think ahead & brought some homework for Paige to work on, and brought a Webkinz for Cadence to play with. They both wanted to Webkinz, and the both wanted to do homework. Lesson learned. The time went by quickly enough, and I am pretty proud the Paige handled the situation as well as she did.

The med student came in and Cadence warmed up to her right away. It was nap time by then so she was getting cranky. After some questions and some poking she left. More waiting. Dr. T and the student came back in and went over some things. Cadence still doesn't have her two-year molars, and didn't grow as well as expected. Typically at three they wean thyroid kiddoes off of Synthroid to see if it's transient, or if there's no question that it's not transient the meds will be continued, but the time between appointments can be spread out. Cadence's thyroid either never developed, or is somewhere it's not supposed to be. She'll likely be on meds forever - but she takes her meds like a champ. We're going to keep her appointments at 4 month intervals to monitor growth and development. Intellectually she's smart as a whip - she "thinks outside the box¨ which is hilarious to hear about a two-year-old. But, her speech development is a on the end of the normalcy curve (in other words, she's average). Lately she's had a surge in speech, and her vocabulary is vastly increasing, but her annunciation isn't perfect (hey, she's two).

We headed to the lab (more waiting). Normally at the lab you wait about 5 minutes. It was another half hour. The first little girl sitting by Paige kept trying to take her Webkinz away from her. Paige got mad at her. Finally it was the mean girl's turn to go back and she screamed worse than I've heard anyone scream ever before. It was continual - more like the kid was freaking out and throwing a tantrum. If she hadn't been so mean to Paige, I might have felt bad for her. None of the other kids seemed to be phased by the screaming. They must all know the drill by now too, which is really sad because some of them are pretty young too.

The girls both got a sucker, and a teddy bear (see the bears below). Paige declined the juice box and stickers on Cadence's behalf this time. Cadence was too miffed to put up an argument. They did a finger stick (praise God for not letting them torture her with a vein draw). If looks could kill - she was so mad at the lab tech.

It's always interesting to listen to some of the Mom's talking in the waiting room. One has a teenage son with a thyroid disorder of sorts. I hadn't heard of it. It was hyper something (not simple hyperthyroidism, but something with a longer fancier name). The Mom of a teenage girl was sitting next to her talking. Her daughter has an autoimmune disorder. Again, I was slapped in the face by the fact that some of these kids are just so sick, and have probably been through so much already, and probably will go through a lot more in the future. I'm lucky.

Another helicopter landed as we were walking out to the car. Cadence may be small (she fell off the chart), and she may have some minor developmental hurdles, but she's healthy. This was one of the first times I didn't cry on the way home (of course this time P was with me too and talked way to much to give me time to think about things - lol).

We headed to Grandma A's to show her the bears.
And to play in the sandbox.
And to share some lovin.

Cadence played with some chimes
and took a nice pic of the trellis.

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  1. Awww.... you are very blessed. Isn't it a wonderful thing to have moments when you appreciate what you have? Those bears are darling. I bet some sweet old VFW or American Legion ladies made those for the hospital. They look like the kinds of things my grandma does.