Sunday, July 20

The cancer patients

My Mom's radiation ends tomorrow! The burns are smaller, but have turned purple instead of the red/pink that they have been. Her surgical scar is healing nicely. The other side effects should get better within the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.

On a less upbeat note, my Uncle G was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Again, the word is that if you have to get cancer, prostate cancer is one of the best to get - it grows slowly. Sound familiar? I had my suspicions too because we heard the same thing about endometrial cancer a few months ago. It should be true though - both types are slow growing.

I may have the timeline a bit messed up, but the ironic thing is that he was biopsied in July, scheduled for further tests in August, and doesn't get to go over the results until September. He has a good sense of humor about it though. We bumped into him today at the theater and he says "I'm told 'Hey, you have cancer, we'll talk more about it in a few months,'" and chuckled. I won't know much more until a month or so. Please keep him in your prayers.

This is George at my Aunt Barb's going away party earlier this year.
I found myself thinking "I'm glad my Grandma D's not around to see this." Can you imagine all three of your children dealing with cancer?

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  1. We'll be praying for him. Bless your family. When it rains it pours.