Saturday, July 12

Monica's moving day

We have forgone our plans for the weekend and are helping Monica get settled into her new house!

She's cleaned and painted and is ready to move her furniture.

Yesterday we picked up our new washer &drier - and in return took M's drier back to her house. Jason, being exhausted and a bit absent minded, dropped the drier down her stairs.

Then, in an attempt to redeem himself, fixed the electrical setup in her bedroom ceiling fan. He climbed up into the attic to assess any additional problems the inspector may have overlooked.

Austin wanted to take a peek too, but M only lets him climb up onto the second step. ;)

And for good measure, here's a picture of Spencer's sister. Isn't she pretty? Note the M on her forehead. Maybe I should call her Maddi.


  1. The dryer: funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Poor dryer... J's legs, skinny and white. Don't you all go swimming in IL/MO? Funny too though, to see them going into the attic. I like her wall color. V. cheerful. Miss M? So you now have two cats? I'm so jealous / excited for you. I can't wait to be an old cat lady myself.

  2. There is nothing wrong with skinny white legs (poor Jason).

    We have not adopted the grey cat, but she's just so skinny...we had to feed her (and name her).