Friday, July 4

Independence Day

We took the girls to Missy & Rob's for a BBQ, some play time, and the fireworks in T-town. Rob's the best chef ever, so anytime we get to have dinner there it's a real treat. We talked about how Paige & Brianna have such similar dispositions, and that the same is true of Cadence & Megan. What's funny is that there seems to be some very ironic similarities between M's family & J's. Their experience last weekend was pretty unbelievable, and I think Rob wins the WMIL award (I do believe I came in a close second though).

We headed to the park to check out the fireworks. Rob & J picked a spot and setup the chairs while Missy & I took the kids to check out the petting zoo. There were goats (a baby one too!), donkeys, the biggest peacock I've ever seen, some sheep, and a huge pot belly pig (or as P overheard, and now repeats frequently, "a big fat pig"). We lit some sparklers, and watches as other families did the same. Finally it was time for the show. Cadence was only interested for a few minutes then got kind of tired/annoyed at the sound. Paige covered her ears the whole time but had the best time!

We headed home and put the kids to bed (late).
I didn't bring a tripod (oops). I tried with ss at 4 seconds, then 2, and finally settled on 3 to get the images below.

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  1. oOooohhhhh.... your fireworks pictures are pretty! YOu must teach me. I keep trying and end up with a colorful blur. Maybe I'm not keeping the shutter open long enough?