Tuesday, July 15

Medical updates

My Mom has four more treatments left! They have cut her dosages in half. Her doctor gave her some medication for the skin burns (which are supposed to go away about a week after treatment stop). When she showed me the burns I was really surprised. I thought they were supposed to be small and regional. I had assumed that there were three small points where the machine would deliver the radiation. I imagined it was just in the spot where the uterus is/was, so maybe the shape and size of a pear. Boy was I wrong! Most of her lower back and her hip/upper thigh areas, and the entire midsection and (ahem) area is burned. But they will go away soon. Her other side effects are being handled by OTC medication (I think), and so far haven’t gotten much better. But they will – all in good time. What amazes me is that she doesn’t complain – she rolls with the punches and moves forward. She’s been a huge help to Monica in her moving endeavors, she continues to work full time, goes to Austin’s ball games, takes care of day-to-day things at her own house, and goes to the oncology clinic to get treatments Monday through Friday. I think if it were me in her shoes I’d curl up under a rock somewhere and hide until the whole things was over. So – props to Mom for hanging in there this long. It’s almost done!
J took Paige to see her new dentist yesterday. Her teacher said she was talking about it all morning – she was SO excited. I suppose I made it sound more glamorous that it really was because she wasn’t too thrilled about the x-rays of her molars. They took her back to the exam room by herself. They told J that the kids usually do better without their parents. Being an overprotective Mom, this killed me. I think J was nervous about it too because he sent me a text right after she went back telling me about it. I asked her how it went and she seemed like it wasn’t too big of a deal. She told me how they put the papers on the X-ray films and how they put it in her mouth, but she made it very clear that she didn’t like it when they tried to take the back ones. She said she didn’t let them. I love how strong willed that little girl is when she’s on her own. When J or I are around she lets us fight her fights for her. Glad to know the child can stand on her own two feet (sometimes).
Cadence sees Dr. T and maybe Dr. B later this week. It’s a big order when we go there, but she has adapted pretty well and it seems like she knows what to expect. She gets weighed, measured, bp taken, then talks to a nurse (who typically gives her a few stickers, or a packet of graham crackers to snack on) then sees a med student (it’s a learning hospital), then sees Dr. T (a fantastic doctor and the type of woman you want to hug the minute she walks in the door), then the nurse again, then if Dr. B is available we see her for “playtime” (developmental testing). Thyroid babies typically have delays (all types of them), but Cadence has been doing really well. After Dr. B it’s usually time to see the phlebotomist. Cadence doesn’t cry anymore when they draw blood (as long as it’s a finger prick), she just looks annoyed. Part of me is proud, the other part hurts like hell that a kid that young has gotten used to such a thing. She has slippery veins like Aunt Monica, so if they try to draw it out of her arms, they have limited luck, and end up poking her a few times. That’s when the tears start (for both of us). Not much later the visit is officially over and we trek back home. She had been on the cusp of falling off the chart (height/weight), but last time she was making real progress, and at school she definitely looks like she’s catching up to her peers!!!! We’ll see how this next visit goes.

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  1. Your mom is a trooper! Isn't it amazing how people deal with those treatments. I would be a big ninny and whine - but I bet your mom hasn't whined at all!

    Paige is awesome! It is so cool that she was comfortable going back there all on her own. What an independent young lady you have.

    C is such a bright little girl. I was surprised to read that she is behind at all - even if it is marginal. I feel your pain about the blood labs. Except E has good veins - what you must go through... you are a strong mom.