Monday, July 14

PROD and ACCT: week seven

I think a girl dropped in Production last week, which after the midterm is a bad idea. Hope nothing’s wrong. I handed in my second case. I did notice something though…every time I hand in a quiz in accounting, or a paper in any class, I automatically think “don’t LOOK at it!” when the professor collects it. But, alas, he will inevitably read the paper, so why am I so against the professor looking at it the instant I turn it in?

At one point, Prof T was talking about the type of car our parents drove in the 50’s. Considering I’m one of the oldest in the class, and that the oldest my parents would have been in the 50’s is 9 and 12, I don’t think they drove anything. I think he’s forgetting who his audience is. I thought that was funny.

We did a group exercise proving that batch production takes a long time compared to the alternative. We essentially were playing with beads. I collected the materials needed to complete each job and put them into envelopes. Prof T says he gives this role to the person he hates most in class. Nice. The packets I put together were sent to assembly, then to QA, then to packaging, then to shipping. It was fun.

The guy I sit by (Brian, I think) looks JUST like Nick Arosio from What Not to Wear. I don’t think it’s him though.* Enough about Production.

Accounting is a terrible terrible thing. Maybe not Accounting on it’s own, or even interpreting what Managerial Accounting is trying to determine, but the multiple-choice trick questions. I’m not sure how much more of it I can take. I didn’t fare well on the last quiz, and after reviewing the case we handed in, it turns out I made one teeny tiny mistake. That little mistake, as any accounting mistake will, created a downward spiral and my estimate of lost profit was off by about 200,000. This means I didn’t do well enough on the case to make up for the quiz I bombed the class before. And, on top of that, I don’t think I did well on the two quizzes we had tonight. I felt sick when I left class. I wonder how Prof N feels about extra credit? I do take comfort in knowing that most of my peers missed the target amount as well, so there is hope that the curve will work in my favor.

I also noticed that not unlike Paige’s classmates, my classmates start to wiggle in their seats a lot more after being in class for an extended amount of time.* Seven weeks down, three to go.

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  1. I LOVE Nick from what not to wear! You lucky girl... this sounds like a very hard class. Not surprised to hear about drop outs.