Thursday, July 17

PROD: Week 8

Part One: Krista
I got the Scharffen Berger case back...94%. I analyzed the figures correctly, and had some kick-a$$ visuals, and I answered all of the required questions, but I didn't think far enough outside the box. I should have offered more recommendations for improvement. The next case is due next week. I have a billion recommendations (need to narrow them down) but have no clue what to do with the numbers.
Sometimes I bring my laptop to class and take notes on the slides electronically. Other times I print them and bring them to class. I didn't go back home after Cady's appointment so I couldn't grab the laptop. I should have. Typically each presentation is between 40 and 78 slides long and each class we cover 4-8 presentations. Tonight's presentations were 28, 48, 53,111, and 178. J ended up printing them for me since I wasn't in the office and I didn't want to print 85 pages at my Mom's house. I should have brought the laptop.
It was long - very long.

Part Two: Jason
I got a call mid way through class...Jason probably wasn't going to make it through the night with the girls (poor guy). He was pretty light-hearted about it, but I think he just needed to vent. Paige was a bit out of control and ended up accidentally knocking down her new jewelry box, stepping on it, shattering the glass and butchering her foot. J initially thought she might need stitches, but after the chaos died down and the wound was cleaned, he changed his mind.
In the midst of the crisis, Cadence ran into the room and said "I poop.¨ Usually this is code for "I need to go potty, but haven't gone yet.¨ J was preoccupied and couldn't take her. He told her to go ahead & go on her own (she likes moral support). Apparently there was a misunderstanding because C somehow reached into her diaper and offered J a fresh piece of poop.
Two more weeks.
On a lighter note, Jason's little brother and his fiance got a Wii, and Mario Kart! We can play against them. J and I have been competing lately. He doesn't have all of the cups that I do, or the levels unlocked, but then again he hasn't spent the obscene amount of hours that I have either. Monica says that Austin is jealous of all the characters that I have unlocked - the ironic thing about that is the kid can whoop my butt at Mario Kart, but I have unlocked more karts/bikes/characters. Anyway, I bet J and I will have our tails handed to us if we compete against K and A.


  1. "Apparently there was a misunderstanding because C somehow reached into her diaper and offered J a fresh piece of poop."

    Krista, I'm near tears!

  2. I agree, that is the best part of your blog - in the history of your blog.