Thursday, July 3


Part 1: KP

Mom's been getting off early this week since the university is closed Friday. I stopped by the house to grab the pass but she was nowhere to be found. Dad said she was at Monica's again helping with the house. Best Mom ever, I tell ya. Dad was watching Austin (not a bad Dad either, eh? - I'm one lucky gal). Anyway, Austin wanted to play Mario Kart with me, but alas I was running late (thanks to the rain and slick roads). I didn't feel like getting the tar kicked out of me anyway ;)

Class was ok. I got my test back (got an A, for those interested). I should point out that I can't remember the last test I got an A on. I'd always been a rather average student. Prof T decided to let us out early (which meant 10:00 instead of 10:30 - big stinkin' whoop).

Another case write-up is due next week - lots of info to digest...not looking forward to it.

Six weeks down, four to go.

Part 2: JP

The girls were cute as always, and JP was SuperDad.

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