Sunday, July 13

Program changes

I found out that the MBA program is changing. All candidates will have to take the foundation courses (which have been modified or combined and renamed). Current students can choose which program they would like to follow (the old or the new), but the new courses don’t start until the SP2 term.

Some of the old courses are considered the same as the new courses, but some aren’t, which means that if I want to follow the new program I’d have to change what I am taking in the fall.

Tough decision.

The new program would require one less course, but planning prior to SP2 would be tricky. I think I’ll stick with the old program.

AND, I found out I can take three courses per semester instead of two, but two is tough (and expensive) as it is. So if I really wanted to, I could graduate a lot sooner than I thought.

1 comment:

  1. IT so irritates me when schools make changes like that. That's how potential graduates think they are graduating at the end of the semester but learn, only weeks from grad day, they need two more classes or some such BS.