Saturday, July 5


We got to see Monica's new house today!

Most of it is painted and she's almost ready to move her things in. I found this little guy hanging out in front of her house.

After a quick visit with Grandma we headed to the store to buy a new washer, drier, and refrigerator. We decided that we had spent more than enough money and headed home. Shortly after that we decided that there's still more that we need and since it's the weekend before "D Day" we should head back out. We dropped the girls off with Monica (Mom's sick - radiation's whooping her butt), snagged Dad's truck and off we went. A few hours later we were the proud owners of a new living room set, and a vanity for P's room. It was another late night for the girls. Props to Aunt Monica though - she took the girls out to catch fireflies. They haven't done that before. Typically they're in bed by the time the little boogers are out. Paige just loved it, and talked about it the whole ride home.

T minus six days.

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  1. That's the thing about buying a house. Its not just the 140k you just spent, its also all the things you buy to go into your new abode. I bet it wil look soooooo cute when everything is in the new place! How exciting! Can't wait to see pics - but if you are anything like me, that will take a while. SO much work to be done when you are moving.