Tuesday, July 29

We moved!

We won't have internet until Saturday afternoon (boo). That's probably better though since we still have quite a bit of unpacking to do.

Bosco seems unphased by the move. In contrast, Zoey peed in the middle of our bed. She seems to be warming up to the new digs though. Spencer and Maddie didn't come with us. The Cichlids (fish) went into shock and only one of them made it. He still hasn't gotten his color back yet. Not sure if he'll live or not. :(

While I've had my hands tied with school (projects and finals), Jason has been busting his tail packing and moving. Saturday my Dad, Jason and Jake spent most of the day moving in 90+ temps and humidity. Jake's sick as a dog and oxygen deprived, but he helped for a few hours anyway…Such a trooper! My Dad worked non-stop for 7 hours – in the head – with a bad back. I kept telling him to go home. He didn't. I had no idea he could still work that hard. I was awestruck.
Just a quick blurb about the neighborhood...
J was moving the washer & drier by himself. Within about a minute an a half, two strong men were by his side introducing themselves and helping him carry them inside. Most of the families are outside at night – sitting by their fire pits, or sitting watching everyone else. There are kids everywhere, and all types of games being played.
Paige has made herself right at home at the neighbor's house. Their Nanny (her name starts with a P, I can't remember it right this second) spends a lot of time outside with the younger two kids (Cici – two months younger than Paige, and David, four months older than Cadence). Paige plays in their mini-waterslide pool, and plays with their cats. I'll write more about the Nanny later. I just love her.
Missy and her gang came over for a bit Sunday. It was a nice break from unpacking.
Jason cut his hair while sleep deprived and used the wrong bit. He's near bald now. Paige said "you don't look like my Daddy."
That's about all for now. Maybe I'll post some pics once we get internet.

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  1. i am trying to read this but lost my glasses today and am out of contacts. :-( will check back after i go to the optometrist.