Friday, August 22

5th Birthday

I tried to upload a video but it ended up being too big, so I have some more work to do on it.

Paige started the day with a new bike! She was more interested in the Hello Kitty balloon I bought for her ;)

Cadence, however, loved the bike and got a ride around the house before we left for school.

We sent cookies with Paige for her class party. Vince also had a birthday today and brought cupcakes, so the kiddoes got a double dose of sugar.

Mrs. S. gave Paige a birthday hat and a pencil - she was super excited.

After work we stopped by the store to buy Spaghetti O's (evidently Paige's favorite) and headed home for a birthday dinner and some cake.


  1. You could use that cake for 26 thing's 'alluring' or 'temptation' or even 'over-sized'. What a fun day for Miss Paige! She looks so genuinely thrilled to have the cake and the candle. Me thinks I am over the top when it comes to bdays. A bike! What a lucky girl! Let's see a picture of said bike. Or maybe the birthday girl riding her new bike.

  2. Looks like she had a fun day with that smile. Too cute! What is it with Spaghettio's? My oldest loved it at that age too.