Monday, August 4

ACCT: Week Ten

We got case 2 back, and our last quiz. I bombed the quiz (7/10) but got a 96% on the case (breathing room).

I felt pretty confident about the final - we'll see soon enough how I fared.

Jason: J got a call from Rob. They're having trouble with the new software. J packed-up the girls and headed over there. After some research, turned out that the software isn't compatible with IE 7.0. He uninstalled that and installed 6.0 - new app worked like a charm. I'm surprised J didn't just install Firefox - but I guess maybe, just maybe, Rob's clan isn't hip to FF - not unlike myself.

I should mention that this week at school the theme is International Clown Week. If I understand what J said correctly, Missy had clown makeup on when J arrived. Would have given anything to see that ;)

Back to the install...midway through, Brianna asked why J was working on the computer. Not sure what the response was, but if I know Rob, it was probably along the lines of "because he was the one who broke it (with a hint of sarcasm)." B turns to her Mom and says "Well, Daddy's older," meaning he should be the one to fix it. Funny gal that child.

At home, the pup was full of energy, and has found a new BFF in Cadence. Cado has finally found someone she's faster than & she loves that fact that Sadie chases her. Paige loves to pick up S and continually gets in trouble for it. Soon enough S will be too big to pick up. Apparently she played hard all evening and was exhausted by the time I got home (which was early). After a quick doze she was up and at it again. She was barking at the couch hoping for a response - none came.

School's done for a few weeks!

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  1. You must be relieved to have a break from school, my brainy friend! It amazes me how much hard work you endure - and after a day of hard work at the bank no less. I am nominating you for Superwoman of the Year.