Sunday, August 3


Who's a heck of a lot easier to keep the house clean when you have room for all of your junk!

Our laundry room is on the main level instead of downstairs, and we have a dishwasher. So what does that really mean? It means I can be more domesticated and do laundry and dishes instead of relying on Jason to do all of those things.

The kids have a play area downstairs, which translates to minimal toys in their bedrooms - which makes it a lot easier to clean at the end of each day. The play room is another story - it's a complete wreck. I'll be tackling that next.

We've gone through (the important) half of our things and put them away - the garage is still half way full of stuff that we haven't gotten to yet.

We're making progress!

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  1. The domesticated side of Krista. Who knew? Just kidding. For a woman working in leadership at one of the nation's major banks, and getting her graduate degree, and mothering two princesses, and being an ever loving wife, do you have time for domestic duties? If so, I will commission a statue in your honor, "Wonder Woman"