Tuesday, August 19

Kindergarten Warm-Up

Last night was Back To School Night. Paige got to check out her classroom (again) and put her school things away in her locker & cubbie, got reacquainted with her teacher. P had a minor melt-down when it was time to leave. She was upset about not getting to work on any fun projects like she did at registration.

Today went more smoothly. Orientation was an hour and a half. The kids spent part of the time in the classroom, then went to the gym to play games and peruse the school.

I LOVE Mrs. S. I think the year will go smoothly. There is a little girl who has a vision impairment, and another kid who has peanut allergies. It's a pretty diverse class. We got to meat the aid who is assigned to Clair (the child with the vision impairment) and the student teacher who will be in the class this spring. We learned a lot more about how things will work this year. Every bit of nervousness left after today. Her first full day is Thursday. Tomorrow will be her last full day at G&G.

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