Friday, August 29

MGMT: Week One

After work I had some Doritos to hold me over, then rushed to my Mom's, grabbed M's new nail polish & the parking pass and made it to campus with a bit of time to spare. Campus was crowded. Literally packed. I had a hard time finding a spot.

So far Summer semester had been way better. The professors were better, the classes were smaller, and the parking situation was better. Definitely wasn't looking forward to class.

I saw some familiar faces (including High School musical girl from Monday's class).

I had forgotten how cold it gets in this room (same room as PROD from the summer).

I love the professor. She typically teaches the senior capstone class, but got roped into teaching a grad class this term. She has a wonderful sense of humor and everyone seemed to like her.

Jason got his new phone today and spent most of the night learning now to use it.

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  1. so was this the day the teacher passes out the class itinerary and everyone introduces themselves and says what they did over summer?