Monday, August 25

MKTG: Week One

It was such a gorgeous evening...too bad we (the class of 32 other souls condemned to life in the classroom for 4.5 hours every Monday for the next ten weeks) had to spend time inside.

Before class I got a call from Missy - she got a new job (a much coveted, really really exciting job) - which totally made my day.

I like Dr. S. He's accomplished, but a bit more, um, particular, than I'm used to. It'll be a tough semester.

He's a tree killer. :(

I found out that I might have one class less than I thought I did under the new MBA program!

Dr. S made the students in the last row move up and fill in the gaps in the front of the room, which I thought was funny

He says "just google it" a lot, which is funny to hear coming from someone his age.

Speaking of age, there's a very diverse crowd this time. One girl looks like she's just out of a scene from Highschool Musical (not a bad thing - she's cute as a button, but looks a lot younger than she is).

I learned that Korea (not Japan) is actually the most wired country in the world right now.

We were supposed to discuss chapters one through four, but only made it half way through chapter one (in four and a half hours).

Jason took the girls swimming after school, then headed to the store. No idea what they did after that. Plan on catching up tomorrow night.

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  1. only made it part way through one chapter in four hours? sounds like a lot of long winded people occupy this class. good luck with getting out on time! ;-)