Sunday, August 31

Kindergarten Update

Paige has made it through two weeks of school. How does discipline work in her class, one might wonder?

If they get in trouble once they have to move their car to yellow, get in trouble again they move their car to red. If they're really trying to behave, they can move back to yellow or green.

Mrs. S staples a note inside P's folder each week. This paper is used to communicate themes and to let me know how P is doing. If the note has one check, it means she was on yellow, if two checks, red. Mrs. S said it's not uncommon for kids to have lots of checks the first few weeks of school when they're still trying to learn the rules. To me, these rules are common sense since they had similar rules at preschool.

My dear daughter had onc check Monday for running around and not listening. Not a big surprise, it's a long day and she had ADHD - lol.

Wednesday, however, was a different story... I looked at the paper and saw two checks, and read the accompanying comments. I thought I'd give P the opportunity to tell me about it, so I asked her if she was on yellow at all? She said, ever so nonchalantly, "No, I was on red." Like it's not a big deal! That little $hit. After I regained my composure I talked to her about it, and how she should be ashamed. The first check (yellow) was for not getting in line after being told twice. Then second check (red) {hanging my head in shame} was for YELLING at the teacher when she was trying to give directions. Paige? Yelling? Totally out of character for her, but man, what a turd.

I e-mailed Mrs. S to apologize for the yelling. I found out that P had to stay inside during recess with her head down.

Thursday she had one check, and Friday she had none.

Tuesday we're calling the doctor to follow-up on her ADHD - maybe it's time for some drugs.

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  1. awww.... poor paige. i feel bad for her. she's just a little kid! they have such high expectations. of course i'm a bit biased here - if i were the teacher, it might be a different story.