Sunday, August 17

The Zoo

We woke up bright and early and headed to the Zoo with Missy and her clan.
It was a gorgeous day!

We took a turn (or three) on the carousel

Note Cady's tough-girl tattoo.
We headed to big cat country.

We visited the giraffes

The newest addition

The proud Momma.

more on the giraffes later

We stopped by Penguin and Puffin Cove (feeding time)

Then checked out a lazy Grizzly

and a Polar BearOk, back to the giraffes (this is gross, you might want to skip this).
So, a giraffe was sniffing around where he shouldn't have been...
Hmmm.. what's that he's drinking?!
Gross...he seriously IS tasting it.
Rob says it's trying to tell if she's in heat. Ah, nature at its finest. Try explaining that to two five-year-olds and two two-year-olds.

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  1. Wow! You take excellent photos. I must buy the same camera. Love your giraffe pictures - even the gross ones. They were funny! The one of the mommy giraffe is very sweet, looks like a tender moment. Penguins are fun aren't they? STL zoo definitely has the best penguin exhibit - and I've seen a few!