Friday, September 19

Catching up: MKTG: Week 3

We had a sub Monday night – Dr. O, It's his first year with the University and he's cute as a button. He's teaching the Business Strategy class this semester. He has a wonderful sense of humor which made class go by quickly.

J tool the girls shopping with the intent of buying Paige a new jacket. He came home with a new jacket for Paige, a new coat for Paige, a new coat for Cadence (even though she already has five), new Sketchers for Paige, and some cute tennis shoes for Cadence. This proves my hypothesis that Jason should not be allowed to go shopping alone with the girls.

After I had recovered from the initial shock, he showed me the guitar. Oddly enough I wasn't mad at all. Not even a little bit. He finally has a hobby that the kids will enjoy too. Both of them really want their own guitars now. Paige wants a pink one, Cadence wants a Dora one. I like it because it'll make an awesome prop.  

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