Tuesday, September 23

The Day Off

I met with P's teacher this morning. It didn't go as bad as I thought it would. I'm even more convinced that she's a divine teacher.

I talked to Monica and found out that she had to break into her house today :)
Poor M. She was running late for Austin's field trip to the Apple Farm and locked her keys and phone inside the house. I won't say how she did it, but I can just picture her breaking & entering and it makes me smile.

Later we got to talking about things we can't eat or drink because of things people have told us about in the past.

Austin got to make cider at the Apple Farm and I told M about the cider-making experience I had as a child. The question was asked during one cider-making session, "What happens if a worm is in an apple that gets dropped into the machine?" The guy said it ends up in the cider. To this day I can't drink cider.

Our Freshman Health teacher at Metro told us that the white filling inside twinkies is puffed animal fat. To this day M & I can't eat twinkies. From time to time we might each have another smack cake of sorts (also filled with said filling), but for some reason, not twinkies.

I can't eat Ham. I keep picturing little baby pigs running around. Why baby pigs? I have no idea, particularly given that ham typically comes from huge pigs. I don't have a problem with most other types of meat - just ham.

What can't you eat?

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  1. when i was ten years old i went on a school field trip to a farm. we were in the barn looking at all the adorable pigs when one of the workers told us how hot dogs are made. i was a complete vegetarian from age 10 to 23. my mother was thrilled. when i met B, at age 23, he made me a delicious medium rare steak.