Tuesday, September 30

Have you ever been mad and not realized it?

Conversations –

On the way to work:
J: “What’s wrong?”
K: “Who me? Nothing.”
J: “You look mad.”
K: “Am I?”

On the way home:
K: “Hey.”
J: “You look pissed.”
K: “Why?”
J: I don’t know.”
K: “I don’t think I am.”

Upon arriving to class:
R: “Wow.”
K: “What’s up?”
R: “You look mad.”
K: “Seriously?”

Wonder what’s going on? Is it possible to be subconsciously mad and not know it?

I do think I know what’s going on though. Yesterday morning I was pretty tired. My face must have been too tired to smile (?).

After work I was amused, not mad. Simmons mentioned that Palin was brushing up on foreign policy by visiting Epcot. I thought it was funny, but then, for a split second, as I walked to the car, thought “Are reporters just saying that because she’s a woman?” Which kind of pissed me off a bit. So maybe I was mad (?).

Not sure why I was mad before class. Maybe I wasn’t excited about the four and a half hour stint I was about to spend in class.

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