Sunday, September 28

Last weekend in September!

Yesterday I got to sleep in - I was dreading the mountain of laundry that had accumulated over the week. I woke up, took a long bath, then made the bed. By the time I got out, J had vacuumed the whole house, washed dishes, washed two loads of laundry, and made the girls' beds.

After that I watched Megan & Robbie for a few hours. I love those kids, but it was exhausting! I talked Missy into staying for dinner since Rob wasn't going to be home from Michigan for a few more hours. Rob surprised us all and made it home an hour early, so he stopped by with his new car!

Later I snapped a few shots of the orchids, and some of the new fall arrangement.

I can't get over how cute Sadie is, so I grabbed a few of her too.

I wanted to share with every what a colossal dork my husband is. Not only does he play WoW a lot, he plays on TWO PCs now.

J's hard work Saturday and Sunday paid off. He put in a little pondless waterfall. Turned out great, didn't it?

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  1. the fall arrangement, the dog, the dork, the waterfall! too much stimuli! j is too funny with his two computers but you know, it keeps him at home ;-) sadie is gorgeous! you must be proud. how did you get her to sit still for pics? love your new waterfall. i bet you are so proud of your hubby. nice pics of the fall arrangement. my 26 things is fizzling out. how is yours?