Friday, September 26

MGMT: Week Five

We hit traffic on the way home from work (construction), so I was running really late. Lucky for me Mom got off at 4:30 and didn't have to wait on campus for me. At one point on the way to my Mom's house I remember thinking "gosh, this feels really fast." Typically I don't drive as fast as I was then, but it did really feel fast. Last time I thought that I was 15 learning how to drive. It was my first time behind the wheel and I wasn't even going 25 MPH yet. THAT was fast - I was scared. :) How things change.

My leg kept cramping, and I was convinced it was a blood clot from being in the chair at Dr. A's office Tuesday afternoon. Literally, I thought it was going to dislodge and I'd have a stroke in the middle of class. Obviously I'm fine of I wouldn't be typing this, but I was scared! I'm retarded, I know.

We turned in our second case, go tour team quizzes back (100%!), and presented articles.

Class went by fast. I dropped the pass off at my parents' house and headed home.

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  1. isn't it funny how paranoia creeps in and suddenly which is maybe a sore leg turns into the life or death of you? just kidding, that never happened to me - just kidding yes it did - just kidding