Thursday, September 11

MGMT: week three

Has it really been three weeks?

It rained again, but this time I remembered to close the sunroof.

We talked about stress, careers, and diversification (continued from last time).

I turned in the 'Communist Prison Camp' case, and presented an article on Desk Rage.

Group 2 presented chapter 4 - and did an excellent job of creating stress (aka scaring the hell out of us) during the group exercise. After the break Dr. W handed out our first quiz. It was horrible - the worst quiz I think I ever took. I didn't finish (we only had ten minutes to write a LOT). No one felt very confident - the quizzes in class are each worth 25 points and no one seemed to get more than two of the 10 questions right. Turns out Group 2 Punk'd us - it wasn't a real quiz.

Jason stayed home with Cadence today. Paige whispered to me this morning "Mommy, we should pretend to be sick too and stay in bed." I knew this day would come, I just didn't know it would be so soon.

They're in bed - I didn't get to say goodnight, but I'll make it up to them this weekend when the girls and i are having a slumber party! (not really, just us girls unless Awesome Aunt Monica wants to come over).


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  1. paige is a hoot! kids say the funniest things. next time, i would heed her advice if i were you.