Friday, September 5

MGMT: week two

Weather was bad, the roads were bad, and parking was a nightmare. But, I made it in one piece. And, I had dinner already courtesy of my Mother.

I picked out a magazine for my birthday (for Austin's magazine sales fundraiser), also courtesy of my Mother. I chose Martha Stewart Living (shocker). It was a pleasant surprise, and I wonder when I'll start receiving them.

Back to the topic at hand. It was raining when I walked into the building. The room was cold and I was wet - my toes were numb after the first two minutes.

Dr. W was witty as ever which took my mind off the coldness.

We covered two chapters, half the class presented their articles, and Group one gave their oral - it was really good.

We talked about social responsibility and got to talking about smart cars and why we don't drive them here. We decided it has a lot to do with Hummers and how if we drove smart cars we'd be as good as dead if we were ever in an accident with a Hummer (or any SUV for that matter).

We talked about how Americans are perceived as greedy, but came to the conclusion that we're all just a bunch of big fat capitalists (not greedy). HSM-girl commented that every single one of us are in the class to make more money. I whispered to Sharon that I'm just there hiding from my kids.

Class was fun.

I dropped the Dyson off at my Mom's along with the parking pass. I snagged Monica's nail polish (mistakenly thinking it was her 'PARLEZ-VOUS OPI' but it was 'YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES') and was on my merry way.

The girls were in bed when I got home but I accidentally woke Paige up when I went into her room to get her clothes out for the next day. Cadence's pull-up had come undone on one side so her toosh was hanging out. I thought it was funny so I went downstairs to get J. He said he had seen it earlier and that it was funny. I worried - how long exactly had she been in bed practically diaper-free? I ran upstairs to quickly fix her pull-up, but it was too late. She was sitting up in bed crying because her nightgown was all wet. The bed was wet, and both girls won't fit in Cadence's bed (they were in Paige's), so we all sprawled out in our bed and had a nice long sleep.

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  1. awww..... don't you love sleeping and cuddling with your babies?

    OPI rocks!

    you remind me of martha stewart in some ways. only the good ways ;-)

    there are many smart cars in TX - but more hummers. i heard that smart cars were on back order and i know someone who paid $100 to be on a waiting list for a smart car. she will get one mid 2009.