Tuesday, September 9

MKTG: Week 2

I had a pretty bad headache on the way to class. I stopped by Mom's to research a bit for my paper, and to take some Alieve. I got to campus early and in turn snagged a great parking spot. Mom's back on flex time, so I met her on campus instead of at her house. I rushed inside, and neglected to notice a mistake I had made that would bite me in the butt (more on that in a bit).

I had some time to kill before class so I sat next to R and listened to his latest girl drama. It was fun.

I had a hard time focusing due to the headache that was actually getting worse with time, but I did notice that Dr. S draws really good circles - I mean, compass good. I was impressed.

Something I didn't know was that Dr. S randomly calls on us! Lucky for me he asked opinion questions, which are open to interpretation - as opposed to yes or no questions. I actually liked class tonight (despite how intimidated I still am). Maybe it was due to the minor overdose of OTC pain killers (joking here people).

Perhaps also due to the OD, I couldn't help but notice that one of his PP (power point) charts looked like a peepee (as in "boy parts"). I heard some chuckles so I don't think I was the only immature one in the room.

Dr. S does have a wonderful sense of humor. He commented (a few times) that typically the U.S. refers to R&D as R&d (concentrating on research), Japan refers to it as r&D (concentrating on development), and China (insert pause here) just copy copy copy. It's funnier when you can envision it with his accent included.

I couldn't help but notice that he kept referring to the lack of time he has. I immediate thought that I should lend him a copy of "One Minute Manager."

Class ended at 10:30 but I had to talk to Dr. S about my paper so I didn't get out of there until 10:40.

Remember that thing I overlooked that would bite me in the butt? Well, like a complete idiot, I had left the sunroof open on the car. Not only did I leave my laptop and wallet in the car (which could have been stolen quite easily, but apparently it rained (a lot). God had to have been smiling on me because my seat wasn't that wet, which was in sharp contrast to the water that had collected in the cup holders and that little cubbie I usually leave my sunglasses in. By this time I was in too much pain to get upset (full fledged migraine), and was more concerned with not puking before I got home to care.

I dropped the pass off at my Mom's. Dad was still awake so I told him what a tard I was, and went on my merry way.

I don't remember the drive home, but I got there in one piece. Paige had forgotten her lunch bag at school so I had a bit of extra work to do after I got home.

J had a rough time with the girls. The tornado sirens went off twice and the thunder was upsetting them (and the dogs). He had his hands full.

I was never happier to to see a day come to an end.

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  1. i'm sorry your day was so hard- but sounds like in true krista fashion you handled it like a brave little soldier! ;-)