Friday, September 19

MKTG: Week 4

I hit construction on the way to class. I was supposed to meet my Mom on campus at 5:30. I had just gotten on 70 at 5:20. Lucky for me, my Mom is the bomb-digity and waited for me on campus. I got there at 5:45. If I had met her at home, then drove back to campus I'd have gotten a terrible spot, and would have been late. I wonder if she knows how wonderful she is?


We had a quiz which was nothing compared to the fake quiz from last session. We worked in teams and it was open book. God bless Dr. W. She handed our Communist Prison Camp cases back – I got a 95 – thanks to my dear sister.


I came home to spaghetti sauce on the floor, dishes in the sink, and laundry waiting for to be put away (my fault for not putting it away Wednesday night). I was exhausted, but not tired, so I relaxed for 20 minutes, had a snack, took a hot bath, and went to sleep.


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  1. you are super woman, related to other super women, raising super girls.