Tuesday, September 30

Random thoughts from weeks past

The Rock of Love cast were in town shooting last week. They stayed at the Mayfair, which is we have a perfect view of from our office. The majority of my team spent their time peering out the window in hopes of seeing Bret Michaels or one of the “strippers and hoes” as my team delicately puts it.

Cece’s Grandparents were in town over the weekend. Her Grandpa was sitting on the porch one morning and Paige went over to talk to him. She sat down beside him for a long time, and talked as Cece, David, and Cadence played. J said she was talking his ear off. He apologized, but he said it was ok. Cece’s Grandma & Pamini walked the girls out to the lake so they could feed the fish and ducks. They had a great time.

This week in my world in Global TM is Employee Appreciation Week. Yesterday I walked a few blocks in pouring rain to get a couple dozen bagels from the Bread Co. Simmons came too – despite his broken foot. Karen brought in her Wii so we would practice for the Wii Bowling tournament (that kicks off today!). I noticed that it was really quiet. Soon enough I found my team…all glued to the Wii.

I can’t remember if I posted it or not, but I found out that Susan’s having a GIRL! She’s not due until mid February, but I’m SO excited already!!

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